The bible says my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge,for us to have an effective prayer we need to have  a knowledge of who are we in Christ we need to have a full understanding of our position in Christ are you a son or a slave to Jesus,we need to be in secret place in prayer with the Father.psalms 91 says he who dwells in the secret place shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty (amplified bible) meeting with God in the secret place is what we call prayer.

We need to built a good relationship with God for us to be effective in prayer, living righteous life following God decrees and doing what the word of God demands us,madetating upon his words Joshua chapter one verse eight to twelve tells that we must be courageous and strong meditating the word of God day and night

prayer is a vital tool we communicate with a Spiritual God for the Bible says God is the Spirit and His worshipers must worship him in spirit and  in truth now for us to in with  God we need to in the spirit

When you meditate upon Gods greatness,pondering on His love creation power for all things then you fill in your heart the need to praise Him worshiping Him,Prayer must come from the heart deep down in your inmost being then you can say as Dived said that worship the Lord my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy name.

Gods desire is to communicate to us as His people always Christ Jesus gave us the example while He was here on earth about prayer going to the mountains for prayer,right now He is to the right hand of God interceding for us.four living creature worship God in heaven ,this means that praising God is the character of Gods kingdom

It is the will of God that we should live our lives to please him alone by serving  and being priests for Him,Thus why prayer must not be part of our life but must be our life day after day.

prayer must be two way system always where by we tell God what ever which is upon our hearts and we wait God to respond back,it is as if we are speaking to our  subjects that we do not want theme to answer He is almighty God the creator of the world and everything in it,he deserve honor due to Him.

Actually all what we do in life must be in prayer