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No crown without the cross,may of the people we want breakthroughs but we do forget that there no gain without pain,lets work hard and a reward will follow





The ftlt is the organization which trains people who are already in leading positions from different  nations around the world.The focus team leadership training has come with these trainings after they sow a need amongst the leaders in different nations they have visited for a proper training of some skills to the leaders which will help theme to have a plodder view of the work of God,train theme in the mission field so that Africa can evangelize Africa  and giving these Leaders the skill of business,faming and entrepreneurship so that they can so that they can support their families.

In  focus team leadership training they train by using the expertise of different skills so that the people may be trained well with the people who know well their fields,it is exciting to have people who knows well what they are teaching and they teach in a such a way that you easily grasp what they teach

We have got the expertise   the men who has the missions at heart  who has visited many nations and who has got a lot to share in  cross culture evangelism and who has an experience on the youth organization  and many more.

We have got   the men with a passion of the pastors in different countries and churches around the world who always want to see theme fulfilling what God called theme for,the men who can teach and do with prayer,they want that the word of God must be preached in every way possible,Internet,tweeter, face book you name it,they offer different programs  just to help ministers to reach their vision   well glory be to God.